List of Israeli Banks

Hapoalim - Israeli BanksBank Hapoalim is a major Israeli bank with over 600 ATMs and 250 branches in Israel. Unlike most other Israeli banks, Hapoalim has a major global presence in Europe and the States. Guide to finding branches in English.

LeumiBank Leumi is Israel’s largest bank by asset value, and though the government owns a stake, it’s primarily a traded company. Leumi has over 12,000 employees and branches in many other countries. Branch search (English).


Israel Discount Bank has 260 branches, and assets of over $48 billion, considered Israel’s third biggest bank. Though lacking much international presence, Discount does have some US assets. Branch search (English).

bank-mizrahi_eng-logoBank Mizrahi is considered Israel’s fourth biggest bank, and is very heavily focused on mortgage lending. Has very good customer service and a good number of branches with English speaking staff. Branch search (English).

bank-benleumi_eng-logoFirst International Bank of Israel does have regular clients, but is quite focused on large corporate clients, hence its international locations in London and Zurich. It is one of Israel’s major few banks. Branch search (English).

mercantile_eng-logoMercantile Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Discount Bank, hence its similar logo. It is Israel’s 6th largest bank on its own. Branch search (English).

Bank of JerusalemBank of Jerusalem is relatively small with only 24 branches, but has significant assets of over $4 billion and is a major mortgage lender. Branch search (English).

Arab Israel Bank is owned by Bank Leumi and caters almost exclusively to Israel’s Arab population. The bank is almost exclusively focused on retail. 

There are a number of other smaller Israeli banks, though most have some kind of association with another.

  • Bank Massad is a subsidiary of First International Bank, focused on unionised workers.
  • U-Bank is the private banking subsidiary of First International Bank.
  • Bank Yahav is primarily for government employees and is a subsidiary of Bank Mizrahi.
  • Dexia Israel Bank is a mortgage and lending bank.
  • Poaley Agudat Israel Bank is heavily focused towards Israel’s ultra-orthodox Jews.