Bank Hapoalim


Key information:


Owner: Public

CEO: Ari Pinto

Key Branch Address: 50 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

Bank #: 12

Phone number: 03-567-3333

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Bank Hapoalim (בנק הפועלים, Workers’ Bank) is one of Israel’s two largest banks. Unlike most other Israeli banks, Hapoalim has a major international presence including in Asia, the United States and Europe. In Israel it has over 250 branch locations.

With a staff force over over 12,000, Bank Hapoalim is one of Israel’s major employers. In the United Kingdom, Hapoalim trades under the name Poalim Asset Management (UK) Limited. In Europe is is incororated as BHI Private Banking, Switzerland Bank Hapoalim (Switzerland) Ltd.

Bank Hapoalim Products:

Hapoalim has most of the financial products and services one might expect form a major international bank. Services include private banking, business banking, credit card issuing, loans, mortgages, investment banking and pension advice.

Last year key data:

Revenue: ₪14.32 billion

Net income: ₪3.08 billion

Total assets: ₪431.63 billion