Bank of Jerusalem

Bank of Jerusalem

Key information:


Owner: Public

Key Branch Address: 2 Herbert Samuel Street, Jerusalem

Bank #: 54

Phone number: 02-670-6211

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Although the bank of Jerusalem is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, it is primarily controlled by Export Investment Corp, which is controlled by the Shoval family. It is relatively new among Israeli banks, having only recieved its banking license in 1998. Before this time it had functioned as a financial instituion, rather than a bank.

Although the Bank of Jerusalem still runs mansy commercial products, including in global banking, property and capital, it has recently begun focusing more on retail. Today, most of the public are able to open a standard savings or checking account at the bank. As of writing, the Bank of Jerusalem has 24 branches, ranking somehwere between a boutique and major bank. It is the 7th largest bank in Israel.

Bank of Jerusalem Products:

Discount has most of the financial products and services one might expect form a major international bank. Services include private banking, business banking, credit card issuing, loans, mortgages, investment banking and pension advice. Discount is also involved in insurance and owns the ‘Cal’ credit card company.

Last year key data:

Revenue: ₪548m

Net Income: ₪48.6m

Assets: ₪14.2bn

Equity: 784m