English guide to Bank Hapoalim Branches

Unfortunately, Bank Hapoalim does not list its branches in English, so in order to make it accessible for non-Hebrew speakers, we have arranged these step by step instructions to finding a suitable branch.

  1. Visit Bank Hapoalim’s branch finder.
  2. You will see a box that looks like this:screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-11-39-38-pm
  3. The box in the top-right that says עיר/ישוב is where you must enter the city. You should be able to just type the city in English on Google Translate, or to make it easier, these are some of Israel’s major cities translated so you can simply copy the Hebrew version and paste:

Tel Aviv   –  תל אביב          Jerusalem  –  ירושלים          Haifa  –  חיפה         Herzliya  –  הרצליה

4. Press the button in the left-bottom corner that says חפש. You will see a list of branches that looks            like this:


         From left to right you are seeing the branch number, then the name of the branch, then the city.

5. For more information on any individual bank, simply click on it in the above table, and you will see          a page that looks like this:


From top to bottom you are seeing:

  1. Branch name
  2. Branch address
  3. Branch phone number
  4. Opening hours (note – א is Sunday, ב Monday, ג Tuesday, ד Wednesday, ה Thursday, ו Friday).
  5. Branch manager
  6. Branch services